A windows commandline utility to manipulate UK postcode data from Doogal's site
so you can use parts of it in a spreadsheet like Microsfsoft Excel (even old versions like Excel 2000).

The postcodes.csv file which this utility works on is on his UK Postcodes page.

There's a document pcImportNotes.doc or pcImportNotes.pdf which describes its use.

You can download the executable pcImport.exe (right-click and save-as)

The source in C++ is here in this .zip file which also contains the release .exe

As described in the document, there's a couple of example Excel spreadsheets in .zip files using this data:
HU11table.zip and HU11table2.zip (tested in Excel 2000, 2003 and 2007)

Anyone is free to take this lot and do what they want with it.

[Last modified: 2nd Feb 2013]