Solex 26-FV Carburettor

Here's the Solex 26-FV carburettor (after a bit of a clean-up):

This next picture shows the carb in pieces.
When I took it apart the jets and float were glued in place by thick treacle - what remained of the fuel left in there years ago.
It took 24 hours soaking in petrol before I could even get the float out !

Getting the main jet out took another day soaking in petrol.

The thick brown sticky stuff was more like tar than treacle.
Even after getting the float out there was another 1/4 inch of really sticky stuff in the bottom of the float chamber.

Next time I come across a carb that's caked up like this, I'll just leave it soaking
in a tin of petrol for a week before even staring to try to dismantle it!

I thought it was a bit odd the way this carb is bolted together...
You can 'dismount' the bottom of the carb by taking out the two main screws but this must mean there's some stress on the main body
- look at the bottom diagram.

The carb's bolted on the inlet manifold flange and with an air filter on the inlet there's a fair amount of leverage on those main screws.

Needless to say, when I offered the two halved together they were a bit banana-shaped
leaving a couple of mm gap around the venturi tube since the castings had warped.

Note the longitudinal non-flatness of the banana ;-)

Looking in the service info (see Solex Handbook) there doesn't seem to be a gasket between these parts
and I'd guess a big gap may interfere with the aux. jet.

Anyhow, I flattened 'em off a fair bit with a file and then emery on a chunk of glass and made a gasket for belt'n'braces.

Looks fine now, but I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the running!

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[Last modified: 5th Oct 2007]