Fettling the Govenor
On my Petter Type A, Series I...

A diagram of the mechanism from the side

The red arrows are supposed to indicate how the weights (green) swing outward as the rotation speed increases which moves the studs (in red) which move the push rod (blue).

On my engine, the end of the push rod was pretty rough and the studs were well worn.

After tidying up the pushrod end (in a drill with some emery) I found a couple of thin washers to fit under the studs so they presented a fresh 'face' to the pushrod

Ideally you want a washer which is 1/2 a thread pitch so the worn bit ends up on the back when it is screwed back in.

Here's a pic of the govenor mechanism.

Shows the as-new studs between the govenor weights
(I'm holding the pushrod top left).

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