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Wallis Days
12th and 13th August 2006

Dates: 12th, 13th August 2006
Time: gate opens at 10:00am each day
Location: Shipdham Airfield, Norfolk
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Accomodation: Local Camping, Hotels and Guest houses (updated!)
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Organised by the British Rotorcraft Association in collaboration with Shipdham Aero club, this show pays homage to Ken Wallis, who celebrated his 90th birthday this year. Most famous for the invention of 'Little Nellie' - the autogyro he flew for the Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', Ken as set 34 World Records in two classes of autogyros since 1968.

The event will include the opportunity to view Ken's amazing collection of autogyros and see Little Nellie in the flesh.

Everyone welcome, wether you're an aspiring pilot or just curious about these amazing machines - come and spend a day with us at Shipdham!

If you're interested in learning to fly an autogyro, the Rotorsport MT-03 and Magni M16 two-seat training machines will be on display along with many other types of gyro.

[ Please note: some activities are particularly dependent on the weather, although we will have a large marquee with some machines on display even in bad weather.]

The event will open at around 11:00am on Saturday with Ken Wallis flying in from Reymerston. During the day, several gyroplanes will be on static display plus others flying in. Air experience flights should also be available (again depending on weather and aircraft) for people interested in becoming a gyroplane pilot. Members of the B.R.A., flying instructors and gyroplane owners will be available to talk about all aspects of these amazing machines.

Trips from the airfield to Ken Wallis' home at Reymerston Hall will be arranged during both days. Put your names down on the visitors list at the B.R.A. stand in the main marquee since places may be limited.

Soft drinks and snacks will be available onsite throughout the day.

Entry to the event costs a measly 4.00 per car plus 1.00 per person.
(B.R.A. members only pay for car parking, children free)

On the Saturday evening a BBQ (or similar) will be held in the main marquee at approx. 7:00pm followed by a number of presentations and videos.

This is the final update of this website before the event.

   Event Organiser: Tony Wilk
   Tel: 01482 896732
   Mob: 07774 173378

Visitors also see: Shipdham Aero Club

Updated: 7th August 2006

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