Hi! ... The tonywilk.co.uk web site has been online since 1996
and is now 95.38% finished !

I also administer the Hedon Navigation Trust website.

Some other sites I used to run:
British Western Shooting Society, GyroFlight magazine and the British Rotorcraft Association

If anyone has any trouble with the site, send an email to mail@tonywilk.co.uk

Really interesting stuff...

Joan's Tasty Buns

NEW A new website for Joan's Tasty Buns whicn may or may not be used for buns and cakes and weddings and celebarations and other tasty things. Well, the URL was cheap ;-)


NEW Mac's our border collie, he's quite intelligent and took these photo's himself (I had to help with the web page though).

Old Machines

Some old machines we found at the house we've just moved into.

Firework Safety

Presentation on Firework Safety for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.
Copies of the presentation and useful links are available on this page.


The new magazine I used to edit for the British Rotorcraft Association
If you're interested in Gyroplanes, also see The Gyrocopter Experience


The British Western Shooting Society web site !


Our defunct Pyrotechnics company website, now a dead link for some reason.

Big Spinny Thing...

A diagram of one of Starfire's Big Spinny Things, dressed up as a clock.

Pyro Firing Box...

Some information about our firing box. If you're thinking of building your own - have a look here and, if you intend using anything more intelligent, have a look at my ESD protection page.


Some really really old new pictures of friends, family, cars and stuff...
(not to mention the Reliant Regal SuperVan III !)

E.S.D. Protection Basics

A few pages dedicated to people who are fairly new to electonics and want to build circuits for (e.g.) firing controllers and don't want a nasty surprise one day! It starts with a discussion about static electricity and leads on to methods for protecting circuitry. One day this might grow up to include more than just static protection.
If you find this useful (or full of crap) - send me an email!


This is probably only of interest to the ex-hull-tc people...

Video Spectrometer project....

  Once upon a time I had some time for pyro-related projects. This was one of them.
I was investigating the use of a camcorder and diffraction grating to make spectral measurements of pyrotechnic materials. The method works really quite well, interested? then get my Word document of this project!

Some more stuff...

Odds'n'Sods page...

  This is an old dump of links to all sorts of things, hasn't been updated for anout 2 years!!! (or 3, or 4...)
For the moment, there's my WinAmp skin in here and some old info on a nice AVI builder (useful for making animations), a couple of old soundcard things and the odd link for (probably obsolete) drivers 'n' stuff.

The Shakespeare...

  The pub we used to frequent, quite a few years ago now.

Links to other stuff...

Don't be surprised if some of these links are duff,
I'll have to get around to checking 'em all one of these days...

This is well old now, but still a bit of a larf: ( 856Kb .zip file )

Updating your PC? Wondering what motherboard to get? What's all these little switch things?
You probably need Tom's Hardware Guide !

For loads of info on the UK, cars, software - go and visit Dr. Dave's Pages
(above link seems to have gone bad)

Drool over some fast cars at Brian Poulton's The MAD MOTORIST or CATERHAM CAPERS home page
or even Steve's Super 7's HomePage the OFFICIAL WebPage of the Sevens Mailing list.

Pyrotechnics ? Tom Perigrin could teach you a thing or two
- but most of his site is offline at the moment (and has been for a while now).
Here's the new Tom Dimock's Pyro Page with loads of other interesting links and safety information.
The Diamond Fireworks site is well worth a look, it's got loads of useful info specific to the UK.

All ultra-intelligent people Juggle, so don't miss the Juggling Information Service !

Why not waste hours looking through the Internet Movie Database (who said "Klaatu barada nikto" to whom?)

...and some nutters I would like to buy a beer sometime:

George Goble can be seen lighting a barbecue with LOX !!!
Looks like this site has been stomped on, but here's the video that I downloaded before he was taken off the air.

And some fireworks from a bunch called Armageddon Engineering

see the art of Anvil Firing (it could only happen in the USA!)

Ever wondered what Pop Tarts were any good for?


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